Teenage Pregnancy is a Public Health Concern in Most of the Communities


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Teenage pregnancy is a public health concern in most of the communities where it is prevalent because it disrupts the education of young females, robs them of their childhood and relationships with their peers and it also requires a lot of responsibility in children who are usually not prepared for it. There are many recurrent themes in the lives of these teenagers including the absence of a father figure, education disruption, family dysfunction, lack of parental guidance and lack of social support. According to findings by Bruce et al., (2003), the effects of an absent father on early sexual activity and teenage pregnancy is stronger than on other behavioral or mental health problems or academic achievement.     I interviewed Jenny, a...
The end:
   It was a difficult task to complete because of the communication skills of Jenny. I had to read the interview carefully multiple times to be able to understand her. Her language was not very clear and she used a lot of filler words as she thought about what she wanted to say. It took a lot of time to analyze the interview to identify the themes. Because of the emotional nature of the events she was trying to describe she was often distracted form answering the original question.
Ellis, B.J., Bates, J.E., Dodge, K.A., Fergusson, D.M., Horwood, J.L., Pettit,G.S. and Lianne Woodward,L. (2003). Does Father Absence Place Daughters at Special Risk for Early Sexual Activity and Teenage Pregnancy? Child Dev. 74(3): 801–821.