Technology, New Media and its Messages


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Technology, New Media and its Messages
It is clear that technological advances throughout the years have greatly affected our cultures, our societies, and the quality of human life. But this relationship is not a direct cause and effect; the often unacknowledged catalyst for these changes, the mediator between technology and social progress, are media. Information, however, cannot helped but be shaped or altered by the medium conveying it. Two properties of new media which have and will always be a part of media’s role in society are: firstly, media is shaped by, and secondary to, the technology that bore it; and secondly, no matter how easy-to-use and unobtrusive our media may become, it will inevitably affect the content it conveys....
The end:
...... Although media plays a very important and influential role in our lives, its impact follows on the heels of technological advances that came before them. Its most direct impact is revealed in how the public wants to use it, and how it affects the content being conveyed; two things that are seldom apparent to the population until media has evolved to the next stage – whatever that may be.
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