Technology, Freedom and Values


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Technology, Freedom and Values
Technology, freedom and values interconnect in a fascinating way in this young century because they seem obviously destined to reinforce each other, and yet they do not necessarily do this. For many people, technological advances—as media expanding, labor saving devises—do not bring people closer to their own hidden potential. The internet proves that people can have the largest pavilion in human history with which to speak, but they are shouting among a billion different barkers, and so their voice is not heard. Most blogs are not read, or barely read. It is still the case that even though the internet offers everyone a platform and a voice, the freedom to express one’s self through the internet is not a...
The end:
.....orld needs a reason to listen. The freedom to put one’s words into cyberspace is not much different from speaking one’s mind abruptly in a crowded room. The words may startle a few people, if they are rude enough, but without anything to offer, the freedom to express one’s self online or by other modern means is no different from yelling random words on the streets of Los Angeles, because the offer of freedom still requires the speaker to contribute something in order to gather attention.
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