Technology and Power in “The Dark Knight” and “Iron Man”


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Technology and Power in "The Dark Knight" and "Iron Man"
Greg Hughes begins his article “Are you Technophobic” with a central claim: “For anyone out there with an advanced knowledge of computers, this is your Golden Age” (Hughes). The remainder of the article revolves around this central claim, suggesting that, there has been a change in how technology is popularly conceived of. The popular understanding of technology has changed, specifically, from technophobia (a fear of technology) to normalization (an embrace of technology). In short, it is no longer acceptable to fear or mistrust technology. In order to illustrate the change, Hughes references several technophobic films. These, he claims, reflect a time when it was fashionable to...
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.....ement concerning the switch in popular opinion from technophobia to the normalization of close relationships with technology has provided the foundation for this exploration of The Dark Knight and Iron Man. Both of the central characters have a past film/ comic book history that may be placed in the technophobic tradition. Their expert use of technology was, at best, ambivalently depicted. And yet, both modern versions also display very little of the ambivalence of past. Now technology – for better or worse – is an essential part of success. Without an advanced ability in this area there is no way that crime can be fought. These films suggest that close interaction with technology has not only become normal, but it has also become an ideal.