Technical Writing Evaluation: Marmalade


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The beginning:
Technical Writing Evaluation: Marmalade
To: The Reader
From: The Writer
Date: October 5, 2009
Subject: Marmalade
Summary: has provided a detailed discussion of how to make your own orange marmalade. The URL is This memo will evaluate the marmalade discussion as a piece of technical writing. The conclusion is that, while the writing succeeds in being a well-written and efficient set of technical instructions, its design and format are not as convenient as they could be.
Commentary: The marmalade instructions are targeted towards people who are interested in making marmalade on their own. The instructions address the reader directly, setting an inviting and friendly tone from the outset....
The end:
..... an option between brief instructions and the detailed, visual-accompanied instructions. As it is, the design is oriented to the very least informed kind of reader, one who may not even know enough to wash fruit (and who therefore would be unlikely to have come to this site in the first place). The current form of the instructions could have been given in a comprehensive option, and there could have been a less-detailed version of the writing for slightly more experienced readers.
However, this is only a quibble. Readers of all sophistication levels can profit from reading these instructions, even if some of the steps might be unnecessary for some of the readers.
References How to Make Orange Marmalade. Web. 5 October 2009.