Technical Drawing and Interchangeable Manufacturing


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The beginning:
Technical Drawing and Interchangeable Manufacturing
No one should dispute that technical drawing and interchangeable manufacturing are important to architecture, to industrial design and to interior design; indeed, these sorts of practices are critically important to all manner of design-related exercises pertaining to engineering as a whole. The brief paper that follows will look at how skilled drawing makes possible interchangeable manufacturing – which, for its part, makes possible the sort of standardization that is essential for the maintenance of appropriate (and universal) quality standards in all manufactured goods. At the same time, the paper will explore how the graphic language of professional technical drawing makes it possible...
The end:
..... all members of the design team and all members of the construction team are on the same page.
In closing, graphic language, technical drawing and interchangeable manufacturing are all linked together; they cannot exist without one another and all of them come together to ensure that there are standards in place which prevent design flaws or incompetence. Without these standards, and without these various components, American manufacturing and design would be greatly impoverished.
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