Team Assessment


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Team Assessment
On a general level, it is evident that our team has worked effectively together, and that we have learned from each others’ approaches and leadership skills. Our overarching strengths include our abilities to be flexible and complement each other during times of challenge, while our weaknesses are largely connected to communication and scheduling. The following is an outline of the ways in which we have worked together, and a critical assessment of our abilities to achieve our goals as a team over the course of the project.
Levels of Participation
With respect to our levels of participation in the group, Tim Albright participated the most, and Mesut Tekin could be said to have participated the least. My contribution would...
The end:
.....ient time and space to relax with the ideas and possibilities that I perceive; I often find myself in the situation where I am open to so many opportunities that I cannot find a clear path to a decision. I plan to accomplish this by developing my thinking capacity. My objective is to be able to understand myself from the point of view of other people, and how I can best contribute to business functions and to the world. I need to be able to pay close attention to why I act upon new information, and provide myself with a critical assessment of how my skills fit into any given project.
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