Teaching Sports to ELL Students


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Teaching Sports to ELL Students
I find that the use of simple language forms works very well in instructing ELLs in how to learn to play a sport such as basketball. Instead of getting the students to correctly relate their objectives grammatically, I simply give them analogous sports terms such as pass and score that they might already be aware from their knowledge of soccer.
Risk taking
Because the nature of scoring points in sports such as basketball involves the act of risk taking, as would be elucidated by a shot attempt, I utilize the idea of taking chances to help language learning. ELLs are encouraged to come up with “code” words in English which would be used as metaphors to communicate plays. If a student wants...
The end:
.....ords being utilized for such a basic purpose allows for the evaluation to be done quite easily. Students will be required to show a certain level of comprehension for these words. Additionally, they will also need to show that they understand how the word is supposed to sound. Authenticity is key for students of this age group as they largely do want to be understood by native English speakers in reference to sports particularly. This holds true for the boys as well as the girls as sports such as basketball, soccer, and tennis are all enjoyed to a large extent by both genders. There is a large social context to the understanding of basic sports language and social interactions will also be able to help the students in their self-assessment.