Teaching Cleanliness to Kids


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The beginning:
Teaching Cleanliness to Kids
(To be accomplished within six months)
It is important that children learn how to wash their hands properly before eating and after use of the bathroom. Infection is easily spread when children put dirty toys in their mouth as well. If a child is sick, it is important that a child be kept at home. The cleaning practices of the day care will tell you a great deal about the quality of care your child will receive.
Describe the changes to the environment that that you will do to support the learning.
Hand washing should be done upon arrival to the daycare center, when moving a child from one area to another within the daycare center, before and after eating, handling food and feeding children....
The end:
.....gle-use cloth towels in the laundry hamper; or hang individually labeled cloth towels to dry. Use hand lotion to prevent chapping of hands, if desired” (“Healthy Care, Healthy Kids”).
As important as hand washing is burns can occur if the water temperature at hand washing sinks are kept higher than 120 degrees F. When teaching hand washing teach that the cold water is always turned on first (“Healthy Care, Healthy Kids”).
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