Teacher Inquiry Project


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Teacher Inquiry Project
Current Research
Alberto, P. and Troutman, A. (2006). Applied Behavior Analysis for Teachers. New York: Prentice Hall.
This text delineates the ways in which behavioural management strategies can be utilized in the classroom effectively to ensure students have an optimized learning environment as possible. It draws connections between theoretical and practical knowledge so that teachers are best able to address behavioural issues.
Blyth, E. and Milner, J. (1994). Exclusion from School and Victim-blaming. Oxford Review of Education, 20(3), 293-306.
This research shows that children in society are excluded because they are deemed behaviourally-challenged, and teachers must address this. An assumption reported as...
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.....ity as emotionally and behaviourally exceptional early in life.
While Alberto and Troutman’s (2006) process of teacher identification, screening and functional assessment is key to understanding the overarching needs of a student, there is also a need to look at the classroom holistically to ensure that students understand each other. This is important in that the idea of identity clearly plays a role in a student’s emotional and behavioural development. Creating a strategy that integrates exceptional students in a substantial way can help to build processes for cognitive and behavioural approaches to addressing exceptionalities, and help students build healthy relationships and become more responsible local and global citizens.