Take the Time to Make Your Bed


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Take the Time to Make Your Bed
Have you ever thrown back the covers of your bed and considered that you have made the bed? Most people consider it easy to make a bed, but do they completely make the bed? Often college students come to campus without the knowledge of making a bed. Many college students throw back the cover and consider the bed made. In fact, even adults will throw back the cover without taking the time to make a bed. Joan Rivers once stated, “You make the beds, you wash the dishes, and six months later you have to start all over again” (“Bed Quotes”). Most people do not wait six months to make their beds, but this shows the attitude that many people have about taking time to make their beds. Young children and teenagers...
The end:
.....op of the tucked in comforter or stand them against the folds of the comfortable. Finally, you have succeeded in making a bed. 
Making a bed is not that difficult and it is worth the time to make a bed that you could show to others if you have company. The basic steps are placing the fitted sheet on the bed, turn two feet of the top sheet so that pillows can be placed on it. Put the blankets evenly on the bed and then place the comforter and pillows on the bed. Remember that making the bed depends on the desires that you have, such as the number of blankets and pillows that you want to use. Using these steps you are now ready to make your bed. 
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