Systemic Racism in Contemporary Immigration and Refugee Policies in Canada


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Systemic Racism in Contemporary Immigration and Refugee Policies in Canada
Is Canada a nation where immigration policy is racist, unjust or unfair? It may once have been true that Canadian immigration law favoured those from some parts of the world, but is that really still the case? Some might argue as much, given how many immigrants find it difficult to acclimate themselves to their new home. However, Canada does have an impressive points system for immigrants seeking to carve out a new life in Canada and that cannot be overlooked and the stringency and apparent objectivity of the current systems casts into disrepute the idea that systemic racism exists in the Canadian context; there may be individual immigration officers who are bigots...
The end: since the late 1970s, based on humanitarian and compassionate grounds.
In total, through the private sponsorship program, Canada has welcomed more than 200,000 refugees from all over the world, over and above the number of refugees resettled through the Government-Assisted Refugees Program. All of these individuals who immigrated to Canada through our resettlement programs waited patiently in the queue for the chance to come to Canada legally.
Our Government will stand up for these refugees' rights to be processed in a fair and orderly fashion, consistent with our laws and values – and not allow human smuggling operations to jump to the front of our immigration queue.
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