Susan Griffin’s “Our Secret” and Ferreira on Banking Education


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Susan Griffin’s “Our Secret” and Ferreira on Banking Education
In “Our Secret” Susan Griffin explains that society is active and responsible for the tragedy in history. Griffin goes further and expresses the need to acknowledge society’s responsibility and that by pin pointing individuals for the tragedy in history were are bound to repeat these tragedies because society as a whole is not acknowledging its part in history.
Griffin uses anecdotes and historical references in juxtaposition to make her point that society needs to acknowledge the pressure individuals are under in terms of knowing self, knowing where they belong in society and how to react when they fail to fit into society. The metaphor Griffin uses to describe man is that of...
The end:
.....d a killer in adulthood. The theme of Griffin’s work is that Heinrich couldn’t have turned out any differently then he did with the father’s abuse and the influence of society in terms of not fitting in. Heinrich was educated to be a killer and that is what he turned out to be.
explains that through a more open form of communicating in education the likelihood that a Heinrich will rise to power again would be highly unlikely (Day).
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