Susan B. Anthony in the Framework of Leadership


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The beginning:
Susan B. Anthony in the Framework of Leadership
Management experts Lee
and Terrence Deal discuss leadership at great length toward the end of their seminal book “Reframing Organizations.” They note that leadership is a chimerical object, hard to specifically quantify, but easy to create specific expectations for. “Implicitly, we expect leaders to persuade or inspire rather than to coerce,” they noted (
& Deal, 2008, p. 342).
The women’s civil rights leader Susan B. Anthony is one of only two women who appear on a U.S. dollar. The Susan B. Anthony coin was minted in the late 1970s and early 1980s, then mostly dropped (“Susan B. Anthony Dollar”). Her coin is rarely seen these days outside of casinos, vending machines or...
The end:
.....Deal enumerated: vision, passion, trust and utter self-confidence in the outcome of one’s deeds. She would have no doubt greatly admired the coin struck in her image, understood why it was not wholly embraced by her country – and would have promptly agitated to make sure far more women appeared on the nation’s currency.
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