Supervision in the Criminal Justice Field


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Supervision in the Criminal Justice Field
Section 1:  (Week 1 and 2)
Chapter 1:  Law Enforcement Organization
Goals differ from objectives and work plans in that they are “broad, general desired outcomes (Bennett & Hess, p. 13).”  Objectives are more specific and measurable ways to accomplish goals.  Objectives come before a work plan, and provide the foundation for a department’s work plan.  Work plans (sometimes called tactical or strategic plans) are in a similar vein to an objective in that the are specific and focused.  Work plans are the precise and specific activities that help to accomplish an objective or objectives.  Work plans are a time-based way to evaluate an organization’s performance within their scope of objectives....
The end:
..... embody the core of technological collaboration.  
The trend of privatization is when independent entities and businesses within the private center are taking up functions that were usually reserved for the public sector.  Almost every governmental agency is involved in parts of their functions being privatized.  It will affect law enforcement in that there will be a need to communicate more in a civilian style, and also a law enforcement agency will need to be increasingly savvy to the economic trends of the world and basic business practices, as well as commonly utilized technologies.  
Bennett, W. & Hess, K.  Management and Supervision in Law Enforcement,  (5th Edition).  California:  Thompson and Wadsworth Learning, 2007.