Summary of Reading: Reading Reflection Report


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Summary of Reading: Reading Reflection Report
What follows is a summary of an article penned by Gottdiener. Gottdiener begins his work by arguing that money is the universal equivalent in capitalism (p.3-4). Products become fetishized and distanced from their actual worth as practical items – all because the marketing culture presents them as advancing a party’s desire for power, status or sex (p.4). In any case, Gottdiener appears to accept Weber’s premise that people also consume in the pursuit of status; status, as well as wealth, is important in America (p.4). Durkheim, for his part, believed that societies tend to have collective representations and shared understandings about things – about what things really mean and their value –...
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.....on that comes up is whether we can determine the extent to which differentiation of consumer cultures is a bad thing or a good thing? In a sense, although people associate consumerism with homogenization, the creation of different consumer sub-cultures within the larger culture could really mean that people from different walks of life are finding the things that most appeal to them and to those who share their peculiar interests. Maybe, in the end, consumerist societies are really at a stage where they are abandoning a cookie-cutter template for everyone.
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