Summary of Locher and Watts Article on Politeness Theory and Relational Work


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Summary of Locher and Watts Article on Politeness Theory and Relational Work
This task here is to summarize pages 179-186 of the Locher and Watts article. Let me provide some introduction to enable the reader to more clearly understand the context my write-up. The paper deals with Politeness theory and Relational work. It was authored by Miriam A Locher and Richard J. Watts. The central point both authors made in the piece is that it is difficult to use analytical work or research to determine what polite or impolite language is. They argued that researchers must concentrate on what they classified as “discursive struggle in which interreactants engage
Locher and Watts, p.9). Once this strategy is adopted, it diminishes the...
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.....truggle on what such individuals consider appropriate behavior. This strategy according to Locher and Watts argued further that individuals generally evaluate politeness based on their own habits, or on the structures of their expectations within the frame of such interaction in play. They suggested that researchers should consequently focus more on politeness 1 instead of universally accepted concept of politeness 2.It is inescapable to interject my personal perceptions by saying that the article was too abstract and many people may see the approach used as difficult to comprehend, it is nonetheless an important an well researched work.
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