Summary and Discussion of Hate Speech Article


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Summary and Discussion of Hate Speech Article
The article in question discusses the regulation of hate speech in the context of the First Amendment guarantee of freedom of speech. It begins by pointing out that freedom of speech is not absolute: libel, threats, obscenity, and
-leading advertising are all banned. Some have suggested hate speech be added because of its ill effects on its targets. Others disagree, claiming such restrictions will stifle freedom.
The Supreme Court has a very mixed record on this issue, with decisions that are difficult to fit together, but in general they have been moving in the direction of loosening restrictions on hate speech and so-called "fighting words." Many campuses ban hate speech, but some...
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.....should be arrested. The forms of speech that presently fall outside the First Amendment are all forms that are intended to have a concrete effect in the real world. Hate speech should also be prosecuted only when it is clearly intended to have a real-world effect. This would disallow burning crosses, for instance, since they are terrorist symbols, but it would permit casual expressions of "I don't like" prejudice or, for instance, a gay Christmas play, since such a production would never induce an audience to go out and attack Catholics.
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