Subliminal Messages in Africanist Discourse


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The beginning:
II. The Western Political Subconscious in the “Culture of Violence” in Africanist Ideology.
A.Mbembe’s Postcolonial Diversity.
1.The Western Political Agenda Dominates African Identity.
2.An Artificial Construct of Violence in African Culture.
B.Africanist Perspectives on the Culture of Violence
1.The Psychological Political World View of Africans in the West.
2.Defining the Subconscious Racial Identity of Africans in the Global Community.
III. The Postcolonial Psyche and the “Fantasy” of African Civil War in the Western Hegemonic World View.
A.Franz Fanon and the Postcolonial Tradition of Psychoanalytical Analysis.
1.Analyzing the Subconscious “fantasy” of Violent Culture in Africa in the Western Mind.
The end:
.....t play.”
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