Sturgel Division: IS Management-Research Question Hierarchy


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Sturgel Division: IS Management-Research Question Hierarchy
From the late 80’s up through Martha’s current time as head of the IS Division at Sturgel, technology changes have been ongoing and continuous. During that time the company’s computer technology has transitioned from a large mainframe computer with satellite terminals located throughout the premises, to a system where individuals work on personal computers and connect to the system primarily for accessing shared information needs. Martha and her team have essentially experienced a transition from working on primarily mainframe computer issues, to dealing with employees and their individual computer needs. This has meant that while her team must have technical expertise to solve...
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.....anagement Decision
This section would lay out what the next steps should be based on the findings of the survey. The likely responses based on the survey questions and additional answers that users may provide should likely give Martha; a) either the reassurance that she needs to solidify her belief that her department is providing a good response to users, or b) let her know how to identify the challenges that users are facing and improve the department accordingly.
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