Strategies for Successful Writing Chapter Outlines


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Strategies for Successful Writing Chapter Outlines
Chapter 4: Revising and Editing Your Paper
4.0 What are initial drafts and revisions? A revision is not proofreading or editing. It can include a complete change of content and organization. Such change can be good, as successive drafts result in incremental improvement. Revisions should provide an opportunity to change focus, approach, thesis statements, and materials until the results are satisfactory. Writers should control their egos and be critical egos to make the most of this process.
4.1 Preparing to revise: A draft should be set aside for at least half a day. An essay should be re-read three times with an eye on development, paragraph strengthening, and sharpening of essays.
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.....ater detail in the subsequent chapter.
Chapter 22: Documenting Sources
22.0 The chapter discusses MLA and APA citation formats, moves on to in-text citation formats, and concludes by discussing the proper use of quotations and the avoidance of plagiarism. Within the text, MLA is an author-date style whereas APA is an author-date-page style; there are also stylistic differences between how the two methods’ approaches to bibliographic entries. The chapter offers specific guidance on how both MLA and APA treat a broad range of source material, including books, periodicals, encyclopedia articles, and online sources of various kinds.
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