Strategies for Confronting a Nurse: Pattern of having Medication Errors


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Strategies for Confronting a Nurse: Pattern of having Medication Errors
The scenario is for this assignment is of Susan Smith ad nurse manager on a unit that is receiving reports on medication errors. After analyzing the report it becomes obvious that on nurse is having trouble with time management, routing of medications, wrong dosing and differentiating medications. The pattern is evident. What to do about the pattern is not so evident. There are prevention strategies that can be done on the unit that will prevent singling out one nurse.
The first course of action is to create a plan of action. An evaluation of the individual nurse may be required, but from the scenario we are not told the damage from medication errors by the nurse....
The end:
.....ical to self reporting procedures. The quicker risk management knows that there is a problem on a unit the quicker the nurse manager can collaborate with other departments on
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