Strategic Management: Whole Foods


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The beginning:
Strategic Management: Whole Foods
To: President – Whole Foods Market
Strategic Plan
Time Frame – 2010-2012
Executive Summary
This Strategic Plan for Whole Foods Market - based upon an external analysis of competitive forces and an internal analysis of competencies, capabilities and weaknesses – advises that Whole Foods should modify its Broad Differentiation Strategy to focus on enhancing its Distinctive Competency and de-emphasize a pre-occupation with direct competition which has led to errors such as the costly attempted take-over of direct competitor Wild Oats. As industry leader, Whole Foods’ focus on its Distinctive Competency is an effective competitive strategy as it makes it prohibitive for direct competitors to copy Whole Foods’...
The end:
.....ning product quality, and continuing to offer the Distinctive Competency of knowledgeable staff creating excellent customer experience and brand loyalty.
A focus on this Distinctive Competency is integral to the continued success of Whole Foods Market’s Broad Differentiation Strategy. By de-emphasizing dramatic competitor take-overs, and focusing on its competency, in the next 2-3 years as the economy rebounds Whole Foods will be able to limit new entrants to the market while undercutting its only significant direct competitor – Fresh Market – in the North American market.
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