Strategic Management on the Prospects of Green Business


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Strategic Management on the Prospects of Green Business
Czarnowski (2009) considers the prospects of green business, also often associated with the paradigm of corporate social responsibility (CSR), to survive the global recession. The article concludes that, even in these troubled times, consumers “are willing to pay a premium for environmentally friendly products” (Czarnowski, 2009, par. 1).
This finding is important for a number of reasons, some of which Czarnowski engages, and others of which he neglects. First, so-called green purchasing does not take place in a vacuum. It prompts the creation of an entire green/CSR ecosystem. For example, consumers who insist on fair trade coffee will prompt retailers to obtain their beans from...
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.....aked for the proclivities of particular markets and particular industries. This raises the still unresolved question of whether, and how, the increasing prominence of green business will offer economic advantages to companies. More ROI work (customized, no doubt, to specific lines of business) needs to be done in order to determine whether the consumer premium for green products justifies the extra expenditures made necessary by such measures.
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