Strategic Finance Article Review


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Strategic Finance Article Review
The Internet has changed the way we live our lives. As people experiment with the Web, a whole new range of applications for the Internet develops. These new applications cause further changes in society and the Internet in a never ending cycle.
In “Business Tools: The Next Quantum Leap,” William M. Baker and F. Douglas Roberts look at the potential applications of the semantic web. The article begins by clearly defining the semantic web by comparing it to the current document web. Tim Berners-Lee one of the inventors of the Internet argues that our current web is a document web. In the document web documents are created that people can read. The computer can only use html tags to find documents for people...
The end:
.....cient searching and sharing of data. This is especially true when it comes to accounting in which agents(programs)will allow for real time bench marking. However, the technology is not perfect. There are a number of barriers that have resulted in the failure of the realization of the semantic web. Also the semantic web raises important ethic issues potentially caused by unethical disgruntled employees. Also being so dependent on this technology could result in accountants no longer being able to do the work themselves. This will make accountants expendable and unable to analysis data for accuracy.
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