“Stimulus vs. Austerity” – Which is the Best Policy?


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"Stimulus vs. Austerity" – Which is the Best Policy?
Stimulus vs. Austerity – Which is the Best Policy?
Never has the debate among economic analysts been so fierce about the “Stimulus vs. Austerity” issue than in the last few years that have seen both the U.K. and the United States cope with the current global recession (Schiff, 2010; Kirby, 2011). While the U.K. government is looking to austerity measures to pull itself out of its rising debt problem, in the United States the Obama Administration is looking at stimulus methods. The one thing most economists agree is that this is one time in history where both methods are being used in two very similar economies at the same time (Kirby, 2011). But even with this very...
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