Stereotypes and Our Warped Judgment


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The beginning:
Stereotypes and Our Warped Judgment
Our world is filled with stereotypes. The movies and mass media like television and especially advertising give us all impressions of certain expectations. Many teen girls become anorexic because their screen idols like Britney Spears and Lindsey
are rail thin and they want to be just like them. Teen boys use steroids because some of their heroes are wrestling super=-stars and they want to be just like them. Stereotypes are often divided into two groups, from one person’s ideas: They are snap judgments about people or they represent some sort of ideal of whom these people want to be like. As Robert
explains it “Stereotypes are one way in which we ‘define’ the world in order to see it” (...
The end:
.....ften simply wrong. The problem is that we are all guilty of stereotyping- some more often than others. It will take concerted effort to reduce if not eliminate that catch-all label that is generally so off the mark. Stereotyping, as
explains, really depicts our own generalized shortcomings.
, Robert: “Don’t Let Stereotypes Warp Your Judgment”
Accessed Nov 1, 2009 on't%20Let%20Stereotypes%20Warp%20Your%20Judgme...
“What your hair color says about you: silly though it may
seem, people do judge what you're about based on the
tint of your tresses. Learn what messages your mane is
sending, plus crib ways you can take advantage of those
stereotypes” Cosmopolitan 234.3 (March 2003):