Stephen King: Profound Method of Capturing Images and Scenes


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Michael Maddaloni
7 April 2011
Research Essay
Stephen King: Profound Method of Capturing Images and Scenes
Stephen King has a profound method of capturing images and scenes in his novels. Through the use of various similes and metaphors King describes situations and events with intricate details. Writing in a very unorthodox manner, his works have dominated both the horror film and literary genres for the last three decades. Two particular works referred to in this paper are: The Shining and Firestarter. King incorporates his personal experiences to influence both his writing abilities and the content of his novels. This paper will examine how King creates his characters with special attention to the utilization of children, to expand the...
The end:
..... and abilities into characters and consequently allowed the reader to suspend disbelief throughout the novels. Overall, King’s ability to successfully tell stories obviously comes from an immense amount of talent, thoughtful planning, and attention to how the reader will interact with his work.
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