Statistics and Human Relations Questions


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Statistics and Human Relations Questions
1.What is an…
A)Institutional Review Board:
An institutional review board is a federal board established to oversee biomedical and behavioural research. It primary function is to create and enforce ethical standards for research involving human participants.
B)Informed Consent Form:
A form that all participants in human research must sign before participating in any research study. The form outlines their rights as participants. It also ensures that participant’s anonymity is maintained.
2.In the case we are not presented with enough data to know exactly why the student objected to the questionnaire. On the most basic level it can be argued that they were the only member of a particular racial or...
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.....This is because these questions don’t have standard responses. Therefore, it would be impossible to obtain quantifiable data from them. This would make meaningful analysis of the responses impossible. What you would essentially end up with was a set of responses about a topic but you would have little way of comparing them.
Content analysis allows for similar terms or responses to be grouped together due to similarity. In this way data can be analyzed because it can be placed into a category.
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