Statement of Purpose: Masters Degree in Journalism and Public Affairs


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Statement of Purpose: Masters Degree in Journalism and Public Affairs
A Masters degree in journalism and public affairs will allow me to pursue my professional goal of being a journalist while simultaneously fulfilling my personal goals of promoting public welfare. My interest in the public welfare was inspired in part by my work with the Zahra Breast Cancer Association. As a representative of this non-profit association, I visited high schools and held seminars educating young people about the importance of early detection of breast cancer and identifying their personal level of risk.
The emotionally moving stories I heard during these seminars made me realize that journalism could serve as a conduit to achieving my personal goal of...
The end:
.....hat will remain long after one generation passes to the next collectively create a history for everyone to read and know. Capturing this collective history is important and meaningful work. I can’t think of a better way to make my humble contribution to society. Studying journalism and public affairs will prepare me for my chosen profession. I am enthusiastically looking forward to beginning my educational journey. I know it will be the first step in becoming the journalist that I aspire to be during my professional life.
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