Statecraft: And How to Restore America’s Standing in the World


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Statecraft: And How to Restore America’s Standing in the World
Dennis Ross illustrated the demonstration of power and influence through realistic appraisal in negotiating global security. In his book, Statecraft: And how to Restore America’s Standing in the World, Ross clearly supports the need for the application of statecraft in the contemporary world. Building leverage requires the identification of clear objectives, by reshaping the way leaders approach friendly and hostile environments. In an attempt to promote American forces, Ross delineates objectives and consideration to effectively protect, rather than exposing elements of threat.
Global security requires the practice of statecraft....
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.....n of statecraft and provided an assessment of the formal definition. In support, a reflection has been provided. Foreign threat and foreign policy are a reality for the United States and Ross’ has provided a sound approach to securing the world through statecraft.
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