Starvation, Malnourishment, and Hunger in Nigeria and Ethiopia


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Starvation, Malnourishment, and Hunger in Nigeria and Ethiopia
Starvation in the Western Imperialism of International Food Policies and Markets Conditions
This examination of the international study of starvation in nations such as Ethiopia and Nigeria will be examined through the man-made market and foreign policies that deny adequate food supplies in Africa through western imperialism. Since the Ethiopian food crisis of the late 1990s, the growing speculation of western food markets as deliberately denied a stable price initiative for providing food in this country. More so, internal governmental crisis in Ethiopia and Nigeria define the impact of western imperialism thwarting stable food prices and the availability of arable land...
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.....prayers and supplications to the God who answers prayers and rules in the affairs of men.
Third, the problem of unemployment can be solved by empowering the youths through training, cultivation of entrepreneurship spirit and financial support. This can only work when the whole exercise is void of corrupt practices. Money budgeted for poverty eradication programmes should get to the poor and not the rich.
Fourth, to end the problem of strike and brain drain our educational system must be adequately funded especially tertiary institutions and funds allocated to the sector should be judiciously used. There is need to increase the pay of academic staff in order to enhance their morale, job satisfaction and thereby harvesting the best from them.