“Star Wars”: A New Hope in a Popular Culture Analysis


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"Star Wars": A New Hope in a Popular Culture Analysis
This essay will discuss the film Star Wars (1977) as an example of popular culture. In examining how this film can be understood within the context of popular culture, it will be critically explored in terms of the theory of Structuralism. The thesis will be argued that this theory is useful in explaining the enormous popularity of this film in that it allows us to understand the mythic narrative structure and elements that are integral to the appeal of the film.
While Star Wars (1977) was made almost a generation ago, it is doubtful whether there is a person alive in the industrialized world who has not seen or heard of this film. In terms of the most basic definition of popular...
The end:
.....ork of popular culture seems to highlight not only the strengths of structuralism as a theoretical perspective, but also its weaknesses. A more viable theoretical perspective may be one that incorporates multiple theoretical models to illuminate the complexities of works of popular culture that, in contrast to some views, are often anything but simplistic.
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