Staffing Issues in a Nursing Unit


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Staffing Issues in a Nursing Unit
All nurses must contend with heavy workloads as a result of the nursing shortage and low morale can often be observed because of inadequate attempts to resolve staffing issues. In addition, there is an obvious imbalance in the manner in which work is assigned on the unit. Team 2 appears to be in control of preferred assignments. At the present time, the nurses will feel mistrust toward the new unit manager and will expect the same inefficient approach as caused the predecessor to resign. A problem-solving approach is essential here and the first step is to assess conditions on the unit, define the problem clearly, and to determine the source of the problem. The solution to this issue is not...
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.....lem solving. Since a healthy work environment cannot be created without the full engagement of all staff members, the leader must focus on empowerment for all nurses.
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