Sports Reflection Paper: About Drugs and Drug Usage


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Sports Reflection Paper: About Drugs and Drug Usage
I have learned a lot within the course of this class, both about myself and about drugs and drug usage. I think this understanding is crucial to my growth as a student and as an educated human being. Thankfully, I will take this knowledge with me for the rest of my life, and through it understanding the dehabilitating and degenerative power of drug abuse, as well as the multitude of levels of drug use.
I learned a lot doing the journal assignments this quarter, specifically because I had to relate the materials to my own life, and not just keep it in an abstract, educational context. As a foreign exchange student, I was used to my life in Korea. In Korea, I was younger and didn’t really...
The end:
..... can be on drugs and getting good grades, but other portions of their life can be completely out of control. For example, someone could be addicted to drugs and getting good grades, while treating others poorly, not eating, having erratic mood swings, and not being a good family member. School is just one indicator as to how someone is doing or if drugs are affecting their lives.
That being said, I know a lot of people who do drugs but their drug use is at an acceptable level. They take school seriously and do well in it. This is different because, from my observation, lots of other parts of their lives are in control, and it shows. Many people I know do drugs recreationally or on a very low level, and I think this is a part of being human.