Sports Management Personal Improvement Plan


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The beginning:
Sports Management Personal Improvement Plan
I believe that at this point in time I am in an excellent position in regard to my professional career and am well on my way to achieving my ultimate career goal of becoming a Sports Agent. Earning my BA in Accounting is one of my proudest achievements. Although it took me longer than I had expected, I learned so much along the way about persistence, perseverance, and prioritizing. I found that I have the strength to be absolutely committed to reaching my goals regardless of what obstacles lay ahead in my path. I discovered that as long as I take the time to deeply consider what is most important to me I will achieve what I need to achieve. I was a single father for almost...
The end:
.....eld. Once I feel comfortable in my MBA program I would like to join one or two professional organizations to network with other professionals in the field. All of this will happen in the next two to three years. Once I graduate with my MBA I will already have many contacts and potential job opportunities. I plan to find a job as a Sports Agent right after graduating with my MBA. I will be able to measure my incremental progress on a semester by semester basis. I plan to do well in my classes and to meet as many people as possible to enhance my career opportunities.
Include the scores and interpretation (summary) of each assessment. The client will need to include this part. It was not included as one of the assignment attachments.