Spirituality: Transition and Preparation for End of Life


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The beginning:
Spirituality: Transition and Preparation for End of Life
Spirituality is related to the concept of person as a physical being with psychosocial and spiritual needs (Potter & Perry, 2009). Spirituality is one of the concerns for nursing practice. As the older person looks back over their life they need to identify the meaning of their experience. Spirituality is very individualized and is related to the person’s culture, life experiences and their values and beliefs. Spirituality is a preparation for the end of life since it involves connections with self, other people and the environment. Nightingale is helpful because of asking the nurse to assess the physical and social environment of the patient. I will discus the three...
The end:
In order for health promotion related to spiritual wellbeing to be effective, it is essential that ongoing assessment of the patient take place. Spirituality changes over the lifespan because of transitions and loss of health is the most serious transition. Perhaps the most important consideration concerns conditions for the patient. If there is a failure to assess conditions, the nurse will miss the opportunity to help the patient because they will not have the physical health to do the spiritual tasks.
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