Spiritualities in Drew Ali’s “The Moorish Science Temple of America”


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Spiritualities in Drew Ali's “The Moorish Science Temple of America”
There is currently a great breadth of literature, which is a result from the great breadth of thoughts and criticisms of the African American experience in the Western world. Although the linear history of the African American experience is a mighty tree from which there are many branches and ending fruit, there are several commonalities that are the cultural panacea with which every African-American may identify with. Religion, for several reasons, has played and continues to play, a significant role in identification and the ability to cope with the turmoil and disquietude that has accompanied the African American in the Western world. Being torn from a homeland and...
The end:
.....Ali did offer was an answer to the confusion and lack of purpose and place that many Black Americas felt and feel. Regardless of the nomenclature that surrounds some of Ali’s ascertains, his message was sound and honest.
The book itself is competently written, although some of the word choice is repetitive. Ali had a relatively short time in the public spotlight and did not receive a tremendous amount of exposure in his day not has he since. It is incredible to learn however, that despite some of Ali’s unorthodox claims, that he still managed to preach love amidst opposition.
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