Speech on Education Budget Cuts


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The beginning:
Speech on Education Budget Cuts
I’m sorry. But, please pick up your books and lap-tops, purses or notebooks. This lecture hall will be closed until further notice. (PAUSE). No, not now. But, next semester or next year. That is what is going to happen because the state of California cannot afford to give us a good education. There will be fewer lecture halls and study halls. There will be fewer teachers and TA’s. There will be more students per classroom but fewer classes. Actually, here will be fewer students at Santa Monica City College because tuition is going up and scholarships are going down. Sound scary? Sound impossible? It is fact. It is happening. And we here in this room will suffer the consequences.
Here are some alarming facts....
The end:
.....w us. Follow us for a day of classes. Get our parents to write. Make our local and state elected officials be heard from.
How often have we heard our instructors tell us “No excuses!” Well- let’s tell California legislators and big companies: No excuses for lousy education or budget cuts. I want to see this room busy next semester and next year, not sit empty. How about you?
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