Solar Power: The Best New Alternative Source


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Solar Power: The Best New Alternative Source
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Exam 1
Our energy as we know it is changing. In fact, the best new alternative source is solar power. It is the best source primarily because it is the cheapest in terms of energy production. Although it is initially expensive in upfront costs, solar power produces cheap and un-ending levels of raw energy from the sun. It provides the lowest price per unit and is available in enough quantities to fulfill our energy needs. It is completely renewable and available to be mass produced on a large scale.
Yet, solar power is underused. Currently, it is only producing about less than a tenth of a terawatt. This is mainly because it is expensive. The panels are impractical and expensive,...
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..... many of these subsidies coming from the U.S. and E.U. are not enough to provide sufficient food. However, this was essentially one of the reasons governments agreed to subsidize food industries. Now, they are subsidizing to also help keep the industries afloat in hard economic times. Possible solutions would be to keep limited subsidizes but enforce their deployment to small farms only, and completely eradicate government subsidies to the production of ethanol from corn, which is the most damaging industry.
Question 7
Yes, governments should give a higher priority to energy resources that push out the highest levels of net energy, Dumping cash into energy resources that consume almost as much energy as they produce is a waste of tax payers