Softball Rules and Regulations


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Softball Rules and Regulations
Softball has been one of the most celebrated sports in American life for nearly one hundred and thirty years. From its beginnings to its very vibrant present, softball has given millions of Americans great joy and remains one of the top recreational activities even today. Despite its status as a prime recreational pastime of Americans from every walk of life, it is also a very exacting sport that is played within a defined set of rules. It is this devotion to rules and a sense of fair-play that has allowed it to endure for over a century and likely many more.
Softball began in 1887, in the city of Chicago, after the Yale-Harvard game, according to a short history by the website
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..... sports in the United States, still reflects the unique can-do spirit of Americans who participate in sports in some way. It is a testament to the appeal of the sport that it has developed an international following in the last one hundred and twenty-four years that it has endured. It will likely endure for centuries to come.
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