Sociology Article Analysis on Customer Sexual Harassment


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Sociology Article Analysis on Customer Sexual Harassment
Hughes and Tadic’s article (“‘Something to Deal With’: Customer Sexual Harassment and Women’s Retail Service Work in Canada”) addresses the social problem of sexual harassment in an unexpected variation: customer to employee harassment. The problem touches on many different aspects of social and economic life, ranging from the sexual politics of harassment to the way in which such harassment lowers job performance. As such, the problem possesses political, personal, and social dimensions.
The authors argue that customer sexual harassment is particularly problematic because it has not been subjected to the same level of study as employer and employee sexual harassment. Thus,...
The end:
In any case, I don’t want to exaggerate what is a quibble. Given that the study had a strong qualitative component, it would be easy enough for the authors to methodologically justify self-identification of harassment. In point of fact, I have very little criticism of the article. I found it fascinating and frightening, particularly in its revelation that the vast majority of working women are so bullied by patriarchy that they do not confront their harassers directly. Were I to suggest a single pivot point necessary for customer harassment to be curtailed, I would recommend that women workers themselves stand up, as aggressively as need be, for their human rights.
Hughes, Karen D. & Tadic, Vela. “‘Something to Deal With’: