Sociology: An Analysis of a Research Article on Bodily Behaviour in Preschools


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Sociology: An Analysis of a Research Article on Bodily Behaviour in Preschools
Article citation
Martin, Karin A. “Becoming a gendered body: practices of preschools.” American Sociological Review, 63.4(1998): 494-511.
Problem or issue
The specific social issue or problem presented in this article is a very simple one: schools tell boys and girls how to comport themselves when it comes to their bodies and tell them what bodily behaviour is appropriate for boys and girls; posture, how children use their bodies and pose their bodies are determined by socializing forces that tell them, also, how boys and girls are supposed to act – even though the bodies of both are still unfinished and quite similar in the formative years (Martin, 494)....
The end: encouraged to act in informal ways far more often than girls whereas girls are expected to act formally; Martin later defines what she means by formal and informal in terms of boys being encouraged to sloppy postures and crawling on the floor, “et cetera” (Martin, 501). As a reader, a more exhaustive catalogue of these “informal” activities would have been preferred; as well, the use of a phrase such as “sloppy postures,” suggests a certain hostility from the researcher towards the little boys she is observing. Although they are still children, Martin appears to wish to portray these children as slothful and indolent by the use of such a weighted term as “sloppy;” she could have used another adjective but chose a pejorative one, instead.