Sociological Theory Test


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Sociological Theory Test
Question 1
According to Freud, the healthiest way of reconciling the conflict between individual desires and the demands of civilization is to engage in “professional activity” as a method of suppressing the “instinctual impulses” of the unconscious, particularly the Id (59). In a way, Freud believes that we can sublimate ourselves into activity; we become one with it, bury our egos in it, and thereby save ourselves from frustration and purposelessness. Sartre does not take this view; in his discussion of the function of the beloved, he argues that the system of selfobject cannot be interiorized (347). According to Sartre, then, one cannot escape the tyranny of the other (whether as individual person, or the...
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..... of H1N1 demonstrates that biopolitics can be honestly and unironically viewed as one means by which the state can fill its end of the social contract, by helping to ensure the health of its citizens. Biopolitics is, perhaps, a package deal; the project of control over life is also a project of postponing death.
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