Sociological Theory Questions


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Sociological Theory Questions
3.Robert Merton was a functionalist who provided a vital critique of functionalism. There has been a suggestion that the theories put forward in conflict theory would either work with Merton’s critique of functionalism. Others believe that Merton’s critique works against conflict theory. The question is which of these arguments is correct.
The position that will be taken in this question is the Merton’s critique does work with conflict theory. In order to prove this argument it is first necessary to look at both functionalism and Merton’s critique of it.
Functionalism is basically a theory that that society shows a high degree of coherence. Functionalism argues that society is one unit in which social actors...
The end: not offer us true freedom from repression,
but just a new set of gratifications and
frustrations(Mann 89).
What this would seem to indicate is that the Frankfurt School’s critique of consumerism is based of commodity fetishism. They have changed the language a bit but they are essentially making the same argument that Marx is making. They are saying that products take on a greater significance due to consumerism and this value has nothing to due with the utility value of the products being purchased.
Art would be the perfect example of this because its high exchange value has nothing to do with utility. Art has been turned into a Fetish.
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