Sociological Analysis for the High College Drop Out Rate


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Sociological Analysis for the High College Drop Out Rate
For this assignment I would like to explore from a sociological perspective why the college drop out rates are so high. The sociological perspective I would like to use for this assignment is comfort zone.
The comfort zone is a behavioral state. The person operates at a level of anxiety that is neutral to the condition. This requires a limited set of behaviors utilized for a steady behavioral level. When people are in their comfort zone they lack a sense of risk.
When college freshman become overwhelmed and view dropping out of college as the only way to retreat back into their comfort zone they are unprepared for the challenge of a new experience. A person’s personality reflects...
The end:
..... to prepare college freshman to step out of their comfort zone and develop a new skill set of adaptation to new situations and events is part of parenting. Just like a parent teaches a child how to handle money, ride a bike and not touch a hot stove, the parent must teach the child how to survive and flourish outside of their comfort zone.
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