Social Work Scholarship Application


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Social Work Scholarship Application
Question 1: Academic and Professional Goals
My goal is nothing less than to be a recognized leader in the field of social work. I plan to achieve this through exemplary work and service, rigorous research and scholarship, and engaging in professional associations in ways that advance the field, shape public policy, and make a difference not only to the clients we serve, but to those who serve the clients, peers and colleagues in the profession. These are ambitious and achievable goals, and I am confidently well on my way to realizing this dream.
The foundation for my career and my philosophy in social work is social justice. This is a philosophy that I have lived my entire life through volunteer work,...
The end:
.....ligations to complete the program. The scholarship will go a long way to assisting me to revise my financial plan so that I can meet all of my obligations and continue my studies and graduate in May. I meet the each of the eligibility requirements as my GPA exceeds 3.0, I am enrolled in more than 8 semester units, and I have applied for financial aid.
I intend to pursue all avenues of assistance that I can since graduating in May puts me in the best position to enter the workforce full time and meet my financial commitments, needless to say my academic goals. I am looking into other opportunities for part time work that match my class schedule. In the short term, the scholarship is the best means for me to make progress to remain in school.