Social Theory Responses to Essay Questions


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Social Theory Responses to Essay Questions
The following report provides a two part response to critical questions about social theory. Part 1 provides an analytical response to the question concerning Freud's assertion that living in modern society makes it impossible for human beings to achieve happiness. Part 2 addresses question 5 (the cultural attributes of the Calvinist religion that led to the development of industrial capitalism in early America and what is meant by the iron cage), question 6 (describes the purpose of Freud's id, ego, and superego), and question 7 (from Dream Work and Interpretation, the purpose of dreams and difference between manifest content and latent content).
Part 1 – Freud: Modern Society and why it is...
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..... The Purpose of Dreams and Difference between Manifest Content and Latent Content
According to Freud, dreams serve as symbolic representations of desires, thoughts, and motivations that are suppressed and unconscious. The manifest content of a dream is the actual content or subject of the dream. The latent content, on the other hand, is the hidden or symbolic meaning of the dream. So, the purpose of dreams is to provide a channel for the surfacing of those thoughts, desires, and motivations that are unconscious and repressed in us.
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