Social Networking Assignment


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Social Networking Assignment
Part I: Review and Analysis
1.1. At the highest level, social networking refers to “sites that connect like-minded people on the Web” (Rutledge 2000, p. 8). The notion of connection is the all-important difference between social networking and plain old Web browsing. For example, if I were to visit the New York Times Web site, I would likely be one of thousands of people present at the site, but, since I have no structured way of connecting to those other browsers, the experience could not properly be called social networking.
One other way to think about the distinction between social networking and previous Internet experiences is to think about the difference between a library and a cafeteria. In a library,...
The end:
.....e for business use.
Rutledge, P.-A. (2008). The truth about profiting from social
networking. London: FT Press
This book offered a very helpful overview of the range of
social networking sites, and their unique features.
Twitter celebrity ecosystem. (2009). [Graph illustration August
5, 2009]. The UK daily mail. Retrieved from
This site illustrates how the Twitter navigation path is extremely complex; indeed, it is unique for each user, given the way in which users and followers interact.
Twitter splash page. (2009). Graph illustration August 5, 2009].
Twitter. Retrieved from
This was a screen shot of a representative Twitter page.