Social Influences on Divorce and Child Abuse


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Social Influences on Divorce and Child Abuse
One of the reasons that divorce rates have gone up over the past few decades in western cultures, such as the United States and European countries, is probably because of the dramatic change that industrialization and post-industrial economics and social structure has taken. Before industrialization was the major way that people worked and made products and money in society, families were larger and more likely to stay together because everyone depended on one another more. For example, if a family owned and operated a farm in an agricultural civilization, they would need as many family members as possible to help to run it in a successful way. This would include parents and children, and...
The end: put parents into a situation of creating greater physical punishments until their actions turn into full-out abuse, where the child has not done anything to “deserve” the abuse enacted upon him/ her.
Both preventive child abuse programs and child abuse treatment programs (for before abuse happens and after it occurs) need to be developed and circulated more fully in order for all parents to understand that no abuse against children – whether verbal, physical, emotional, or sexual - is tolerable in our society. If our culture has social problems large enough to put parents into a position where they act out against their children, then these problems need to be addressed in order to alleviate parents’ stress and help prevent future abuse.